Sunday, May 8, 2011

Two Cow Garage/Les Honky More Tonkies @ The Basement, Nashville, TN 05-06-2011

When you see a bill for Two Cow Garage and Les Honky More Tonkies you can't help but be drawn to this show just for having two of the greatest band names ever. I love Two Cow Garage and found out about them being in town sort of last minute. Two Cow has a sound that fits perfect with Lucero and Slobberbone (if you are not fans of those bands I need to give you an open hand slap). Micah's vocals are very distinct and I would even say he is like a male Lucinda Williams in that regard (if you are not a Lucinda Williams fan you deserve a Ric Flair slap across the chest complete with a loud WHOOOOOOOOOO. If you don't know who Ric Flair is, get off my blog). I love Micah's vocals and was looking forward to a night of Two Cow live.

I arrived at the Basement and the doors were still not open as Les Honky More Tonkies were soundchecking so I actually got a preshow show from them. Listening to the soundcheck through the walls I immediately thought they had a Drivin N Cryin sound, a thought which was justified at the end of the set. More on that later. Not long after getting inside, Les Honky More Tonkies took the stage and immediately gained a new fan. They have a very southern rock sound to them and I hope to see them on some bigger stages soon. I am not real sure of the setlist. They played eight songs which included "Heartbroke and Faithless", "Old Milwaukee Girl" a song that I think has "Hero" in the title, a song about "Cheatam County" and they closed it with not just a Drivin N Cryin cover but my favorite DNC song "Honeysuckle Blue". If you see these guys playing in your area do yourselves a favor and check them out.

This was my first time to see Two Cow Garage but I was forewarned by my friend Big Brent that it will be high energy and loud. Big Brent was right. When they took the stage they looked rather tame but as soon as they started playing "Humble Narrator" it was on. I was waiting for Micah to smack Shane in the head with his guitar or even worse, a fan up front. I love arena shows but there is something about seeing a band in a small club that is raw. I was able to be spitting distance from the band and to see the love they have of playing in that environment is a special thing. The band didn't have a setlist so don't expect one from me but I can tell you that there was not a dud among the set. I was very happy to hear "Swingset Assassin" and was fortunate enough to get it on video (see below). The set was closed with "Bastards and Bridesmaids" and that alone was worth the price of admission.

Two Cow fall tend to get placed in the alt country genre, and maybe rightfully so, but I can tell you that their show has a punk feel to it. The attendance for the show was terrible and I hope this doesn't discourage the band. They still played like it was a packed house and I get the feeling they would play the same if they were playing for ten thousand people or just a bartender. They are truly doing what they love and you can't put a price on that. If these guys hit your town on tour, PLEASE go see them. We need to keep bands like this going so they will keep making music.

Sidenotes: The band had an accident on the way and Cody sold the lady a CD that hit them. Awesome. I also had to laugh when the band pulls up in their van and there is a big logo on the side for I am afraid to ask what that is.

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